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My Dad is thinking about buying a Used Volt - what price should he offer?

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14' Volt w/ 20,375 miles

Premium Trim, Nav, Safety 1&2, Bose Sound

They are asking $18k for it, seems a bit high, but not too far off.

What would you guys recommend he offer on it?
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Offer the Retail Price they show on their page: $10,150 !

So the OP should immediately take a screenshot of that and send it to his dad...Whatever price you pick, keep referring to that price...
I suggested that to him as well.. jokingly. We all know that they will not be held to that price, though I feel like it's a bit of false advertising.
Yup, that's simply your bargaining chip...You only want the car for $10XXX "See the screenshot? I could get one of these for $14K anywhere...So you're into false advertising?"...Even if your price is $14K, you have a REASON to haggle hard and it should be far easier to get to the selling price you want rather than starting at $18K without a reason...

I strongly recommend taking and sending him a screenshot now...
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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