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My Dad is thinking about buying a Used Volt - what price should he offer?

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14' Volt w/ 20,375 miles

Premium Trim, Nav, Safety 1&2, Bose Sound

They are asking $18k for it, seems a bit high, but not too far off.

What would you guys recommend he offer on it?
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This 2014 Base for $16,000 with only 5200 miles and Safety 1&2 appears to be eligible for the $7500 tax credit!

"2014 Chevrolet Volt LT in Silver Ice Metallic, Never Been Titled, GM Company Vehicle"

Yes. This is where I purchased the 2013 loaded same color and price a little over a year ago. I did get the tax credit as they provided to me the MSO just in case there would be a problem (there wasn't). If I needed another one I'd already have this, but thought I'd pass along.
It's a great find - my dad has already put down a deposit on it.

Though the description of the features were hard to pin point -- it's an LT with a number of features usually found on the Premium Trim.

So it's nice, but not amazing in terms of missing the leather interior / heated seats.

But tgolden, many many thanks to your ability to locate such a low mileage Volt!
Yeah I saw it pop up a few days back and told everyone I know about it, but no takers. Figured someone here would jump on it. This dealership has had some amazing deals on Volt's and ELR's in past. I have lucked out twice there. First Volt was totaled then the one I purchased in 2015 has been absolutely great (after the tax credit my price was $9500).
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