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We just traded our 2017 Premier for a 2019 Premier. Prior to the trade, Onstar provided full metrics via the web and Android app access (although that's sometimes flakey, but more reliable than the "early days) for the 2017. When the 2019 was activated with Onstar it took a day or so to get EV metrics via the app, but now they're showing. However, the web access (the first page after sign in, throws an error
"We're sorry. There was an error connecting to your vehicle. Please refresh your browser or try again later." Refreshing does not good. Now this clearly ia wrong since at the same time was can see the EV metrics, tire pressure, locations, etc. in the app, so Onstar is successfully connecting with the vehicle.

I opened a ticket with Chevrolet Connected Services (Onstar) but it's been a few days and the issue continues. I thought I would post here if anyone has seen this and if so, is there a solution short of buggin Onstar daily.

Also, I set the charge interruption and charge complete email and text notifications. They worked one day and then not again. Prior to transitioning to the 2019 the notifications were "mostly" reliable. Andybody else having this issue?

Sigh...Onstar strikes again.
Try deleting the MyChevrolet App from your phone and then reinstall the App (you will need your OnStar Id and Password that you used when you set up your OnStar account.)
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