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My Bolt has finally hit 4200, is in Transit. YAY!

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It sat somewhere in Michigan for over a month, but finally is on it's way.
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Nice collection of owned cars! I had a 1975 Chevy Vega Kammback Wagon (it was later converted to a race car with a Camaro powertrain), and one day at my mechanics shop (who specialized in Vegas), he had a yellow and black 1975 Cosworth Vega (the only one in all of Puerto Rico!). It was a real beauty and well cared. I couldn't stay to hear it started up (its radiator was being replaced), but I know what a "Cosworth Vega" is! And there is a large Pontiac Fiero Club here with over a hundred cars (I see them often).

Good luck with your new Chevy Bolt EV!!
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