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My 2014 Gen 1 shows 11.3kwh extracted from battery in todays 10F temps today, how?

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So ass we know the gen 1 battery pack for 2014 has I believe a 10.7 usable size of the batter to get the 38 miles at least rated. So today in NY its been oh about 10 degrees all day. I was able to get 24miles out of what the monitor showed 11.3kwh. How can this be? Now my 4yr old volt has been averaging 10.3 for the last few seasons which is expected after being 4 years old so degradation is great. But how is it possible to get 11.3 on such a cold day? Note I did preheat the volt for one iteration of 10 minutes or cycle. Is it possible the 11.3kwh includes the extra amountt consumed while plugged in and preheating/pre conditioning?
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Probably preheat while plugged in and it didnt charge fully?

Edit: I think that would show you using that electricity, and it will burn about 1 kw in 10 min at max power, so if it didn't quite charge up all the way to full after preheating it would mean you used a little more than a full charge. I get similar if I charge at lunch, but I haven't noticed with preheating, but I don't watch that closely.
The car was already fully charged before i did at home preconditioning for 1 cycle before heading out.
That's correct, that thing shows how much electricity is has been used since your last charge up until you switch to range extended (gas) mode.

If you've ever driven someplace, charged, and then unplugged before completing a full charge, you'll notice that it will keep going until you've used all of the electricity you added, so you'll get numbers like 14 or 15+ kwh

The same thing is true for ERDTT, since you're not technically in range extended mode, the electricity that the engine generated is added to the total.

Preheating does the same thing, specifically if you pull the plug prior to it completely topping off the battery. Again, the counter doesn't have the opportunity to reset itself.
Yes I have noticed that it is ever increasing if I never complete a 2nd charge and then drive showing accumulated battery usage.
And today with similar cold day weather, the car showed 10.6 kwh used giving me about 26miles BUT this time I did not do preconditioning before leaving. Yes the carl was fully charged. Anyway interesting. For times like today especially unlike the day before with preconditioning, I don't expect the kwh to be higher than what seem to be the battery degraded value of 10.2kwh that was showing prior to this pretty much all year.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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