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Musk: Great salesman. Tesla: Least capable automaker?

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The auto industry admires Tesla, envies Tesla, and ultimately wants Tesla to succeed. But the Model 3 proves that something the wider industry always suspected is true: Elon Musk is the greatest car salesman who has ever lived — but Tesla is currently one of the least capable automakers on Earth.

Tesla is spending as much as General Motors every quarter — about $1 billion — to produce and sell a fraction of the vehicles that GM does. GM is also turning that invested capital into steady profits, while Tesla in the third-quarter of 2017 posted the biggest loss in its history. GM has a $25-billion war chest. Tesla only has enough cash to operate through 2018.
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Tesla is a tech company not a car company. Anyone remember when Michael Dell told Steve Jobs to liquidate Apple and give the money back to the stock holders? Hype + good Tech can = amazing products. I have a volt and love it, Do I have loyalty to GM? Not at all. my next car will be made by whoever makes the best one at that time.
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