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I tried re-importing all my music from my thumb drive. Paying close attention to how i import. Do i hit record when i'm on the all songs selection, or the album selection. And while inside my thumb drive's 'album view' shows the file title "01 hello song", whenever I import into the HDD, it uses the ID3 title info only and not the ID3 track info. Sooo it's not that. BUT that does tell me that for now, in order for me to enjoy my shiny new infotainment system on my volt, I have to buy a 32GB thumb drive to have plugged into the usb port, in order for the system to work right. hmmm
I have come to the same conclusion. Everything works fine when I access the music from a 32 GB thumb drive or directly from the iPhone. When I transfer the thumb drive music to the HDD in the Volt it does not transfer the playlists and the music gets all lumped together. Can access everything by album, song title, artist, etc, but can not access by playlist. Can make a new playlist in the Volt and that works, but can not use the iPhone playlists from the HDD.

Jim K.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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