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MT Compares All the Eco-cars

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I must be a micro human being, because I find all 4 seats in my Gen 2 pretty comfortable and think the vehicle has pretty non-intrustive packaging considering the big battery. I've had 4 full-sized adults in my car many times and other than one friend, nobody ever said anything contrary. Most actually raved about the rear seats comfort (very much like an 80s BMW 6 series!).

Some of the graphs/charts don't make sense either. Interesting to see the luggage comparison though...I knew had run some numbers in the past and couldn't understand the massive difference in reported volumes between the Prius and Volt.
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With our 2016 Volt our lifetime gas mpg's per is over 45 mpg with over 16,000 miles total. We use the gas engine quite often to make extended trips to the Portland Oregon area and still have an overall mpg of 153+ mpg. Its pretty easy to achieve 50 mpg on the gas engine when you keep speed below 60 mph or so during warmer weather conditions and 60+ miles in summer on pure electric is the norm. Currently our electric range is 63 miles. Last trip with dry roads and temps in the 60's computed to 52.5 mpg on gas and nearly 70 miles on electric for nearly a 140 mile round trip.
Our 2016 Volt the engine stops 99% of the time when coming to a stop even with a depleted battery. Only a few times do I recall the engine running at a full stop. The Volt seems to know when you are anticipating a stop and the engine shuts down.
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