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MT Compares All the Eco-cars

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I must be a micro human being, because I find all 4 seats in my Gen 2 pretty comfortable and think the vehicle has pretty non-intrustive packaging considering the big battery. I've had 4 full-sized adults in my car many times and other than one friend, nobody ever said anything contrary. Most actually raved about the rear seats comfort (very much like an 80s BMW 6 series!).

Some of the graphs/charts don't make sense either. Interesting to see the luggage comparison though...I knew had run some numbers in the past and couldn't understand the massive difference in reported volumes between the Prius and Volt.
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In reviewing the 2017 Volt the MT reviewer stated that they previously had long term experience driving a Gen1 Volt on their daily commute to the MT garage, the Gen 1 Volt's gas engine typically starting as they arrived at the garage. The distance drive was 38 miles, just at the electric range limit of the Gen 1 Volt. For the 2017 Volt the reviewer states that the Gen II Volt also made the trip on battery, the gas engine starting as the reviewer arrived at the MT garage. The reviewer stated they had to take a detour but no mention of the total distance traveled. Also, there is no mention in the article of the outside temperature, climate control settings or route taken in the 2017 Volt. If everything about the trip was the same then the 2017 Volt should have been able to make the trip with some EV range to spare. Could they have taken a 10 - 15 mile detour?

I wish they had not cut down the number of vehicles being evaluated to just four for the final evaluation, including eliminating the 2017 Volt from further consideration. The MT reviewer selected the Bolt as their go to eco friendly vehicle, advancing the opinion that only a high mileage range EV (200 miles plus range) can be king of the eco friendly road. If the Bolt only had wider front seats, ACC and CCS standard I would probably agree.
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MT used this article to set up the next comparison as at the end the MT reviewer chooses the key fob to the Bolt over the other contenders as they head out the door. In the next issue of MT, or the one after that, MT will compare the Bolt to the Model 3. The playing field will be small as it will be limited to EV passenger cars costing under $35k with an advertised range of 200+ miles. That article has probably already been written, with MT only waiting for their chance to test drive a production Model 3 and add actual Model 3 photos and specifications.
And there is the problem... you said "all four seats"... the 2nd gen volt is a FIVE seat car.

I love my 2017 Volt but I totally disregard the back seats for carrying passengers. I suppose children of a certain age would fit comfortably in the Volt's back seats. Notice how there are no photographs of even mannequins posed in the Volt's two outboard back seats let alone the fifth center seat.
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