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MT Compares All the Eco-cars

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I must be a micro human being, because I find all 4 seats in my Gen 2 pretty comfortable and think the vehicle has pretty non-intrustive packaging considering the big battery. I've had 4 full-sized adults in my car many times and other than one friend, nobody ever said anything contrary. Most actually raved about the rear seats comfort (very much like an 80s BMW 6 series!).

Some of the graphs/charts don't make sense either. Interesting to see the luggage comparison though...I knew had run some numbers in the past and couldn't understand the massive difference in reported volumes between the Prius and Volt.
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some of their charts are odd and one appears just wrong, how is the Volt green house gases so high for 100 miles for electric, its like flipped or such? /QUOTE]

Yep, they got the two colors swapped. It makes sense once fixed.
I remember when they did their "real MPG" test on the Volt. They got realllly bad numbers on gas. I'm not sure what they did (because they got incredible mileage in the Prius), but it certainly hasn't matched my own experience in the car. And this is my first hybrid/plug-in, so I'm not some seasoned vet.
Yeah, I'm not sure what they did either. I get about 47 mpg doing 55 mph, 42 mpg doing 65 mph and 36 mpg doing 72 mph.
Actually, now that I look at their number again, 37.5/42.4/39.6 mpg, they're not all that unreasonable.
They just did more city driving than I do.
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