As GM CEO Rick Wagoner announced, the Chevy Volt was moved from a concept car status to a production car status by approval of GMs board of directors.

This basically means GM is putting a lot more money and resources into the program. As per Mr. Wagoner, "What we're saying with this approval is that the GM management and board believe the technical goals of the Volt are not only achievable, but achievable generally within the time frame we previously outlined,"

In my speaking with other GM representatives it is clear that this funding will go to begin re-tooling the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where the Volt will be built. Funds will go into creating the necessary machinery and infrastructure required to mass produce these cars.

The firsthand experience of this hallmark event is summed up in this GM-Volt exclusive quote from the Volts Vehicle Line Director, Tony Posawatz:

"The E-Flex & Chevy VOLT program team was very excited to share our progress with the GM Board of Directors at the recent June 2008 Board meeting. They were most enthusiastic about the leadership position that GM is taking with the Chevrolet VOLT. At the close of the meeting, the GM Board approved significant funding for the program including necessary capital resources to bring the product to reality. This was an important and necessary step in the development of the VOLT project."

The SUV may have died, but the Volt has truly been born.

In keeping with this development, I have officialy changed the title of this website from GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Concept Site to GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Electric Car Site.