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I will admit, I really don't like American cars much at all. My current vehicle is a Nissan, and before that I had a Mitsu and an Acura. I'm also quite fond of VWs. But, lately I've been finding myself drawn to some of the American cars. The wife and I considered the Ford Edge, Taurus X, and even an Escallade. In the end we decided to kep her VW with over 100k on it, and wait for the new TDI for her. When I saw the volt, I made up my mind that this will be my next car, period. The only other vehicle I was considering was the Venture One, but it lacks the practicality that the Volt has. So, coming from someone who typically stays FAR away from American cars, I am behind GM 150% on this venture. I want my Volt!

ps: Everyone knows if it isn't from Toyota/Honda/BMW, then Motor Trend doesn't like it. Nor does Consumer Reports.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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