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Not withstanding the compliments given to the Volt this article, I think Motor Trend has a real dislike for GM in general and Chevrolet in particular. This quote at the end of the article really struck me as very biased:
Next to the Tesla Roadster, the more complex, more practical Volt -- which will meet all GM's durability standards; have all the usual GM safety features; and be backed by a GM warranty -- looks like an outstanding value. But I suspect most people won't see that, because they won't look past that Bow-Tie badge.​

I have to say, for myself, I'm looking at the Chevrolet Bow Tie and waiting for it with baited breath. I'll confess that the Bow Tie is THE major reason that I will buy a Volt over any other competing product on the planet. I've driven Chevrolets all my life. I have three Chevrolets in my garage today. I want the Volt right now, not in 2010, but I trust Chevy to get it right and I'll wait for them to do that. Meanwhile I guess I'll just keep bending over and taking it in the "you know what" everytime I stop at the local gas station.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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