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Monroney sticker Part Content Info for low-mid $ EVs

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The Part Content Info from the Monroney sticker has been brought up a few times and most recently.
Volt in 2011 was 40% US/Can content, 50% in 2017, and 66% in 2018.

If others can help me fill in the gaps that would be helpful. Or suggest other low-mid $ *EVs.

I was missing the 2016 data. We have a 2016 but I couldn't find the Monroney sticker. I just found it.
US/Can 50% but nothing else mentioned. EXCEPT that the engine came from Mexico but they don't specify a % for Mexico ?!?!? What the heck?

Our Volt 2016

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Any idea how they mathed up the percentage? Is it by "cost of parts", "number of parts", "weight of parts", and does "part assembled by 3rd party in North America from bits sourced from elsewhere" count as a North American part, an elsewhere part, or some fractional thing?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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