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MKBHD interviews Elon Musk - August 15, 2018

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One of my favorite YouTubers to watch is Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD. I just watched his video where he spends some time with Elon, just over 15 minutes long. The factory is behind them, machines moving, one guy in the bottom on the line doing work, etc. Very interesting interview, you get a good sense of Elon’s personality when he is talking with someone he likes (as opposed to certain Wall Street analysts, etc.)

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Yes, an interesting contrast in a 24 hour period. That Times article helped to send TSLA stock down some 9%, something in that range. Strange times for Mr. Musk, I think over time he and Tesla will get this right and back on track. It could take many years, but ultimately they will succeed (think about Jobs and Apple’s history as a frame of reference).

He’s a special guy, good and bad, faults and all. So was Jobs. Our society advances because of people on the fringe like these individuals.
Special, in some ways a visionary like Jobs, but Steve didn't do "moonshots", and Steve stressed delivering products on time.
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