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... in Australia

""The baby Mitsubishi i MiEV has been confirmed for local sales, with a showroom target in the final months of 2009 and a starting price in the $30,000 range.""

The article says sales and showroom, but the article also states the cars will be leased. Which is it? Showroom or fleet sales or leases?

""How many we get depends on the reaction by some of the key fleets in Australia, and governments. We would dearly like to have a number of them here in 2009.""

""Initially, because those sort of vehicles are at the cutting edge, they will be sold through a lease arrangement. At the moment they have them running in Japan with test fleets, like government departments and electrical utilities. That would probably be the way to go here, too, and to protect our intellectual property."",23599,24070715-2,00.html
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