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Has anybody heard about this? It's a pane of glass with dyes suspended in it that absorb a range of wavelengths of light and re-emit them towards the sides of the glass at a single wavelength. A thin band of photo-voltaics at the edges of the glass (tuned for one specific wavelength only) collect all this light. You can use another solar panel under the glass to catch the wavelengths that get through the dye.

There's a company called covalent solar that's trying to get these to market but their website has almost no information. The units they made at MIT are clearly early proof of concept models but they seem confident that this can be scaled up.

Edit: I should add that this discovery should make a huge difference in the price of solar power. Once any hurdles are overcome in the manufacture of this dyed glass, expect solar power to suddenly be much more affordable, even for personal use. The MIT guys are saying 2 years before this goes mainstream.
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