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In another thread we were having some discussion about MPG and I was asked what I thought my MPG would be with a PHEV40 vehicle like the Volt. I answered roughly 1000mpg based upon my usual driving habits and commute.

But it got me thinking, we may need to start discussing the fuel economy of a vehicle like the Volt in terms of Gallons of gas per year!

I average about 16,000 miles per year on my Prius. I take a long trip (maybe 400 miles each way) once a year on average. I take moderate drives (around 150 miles each way) 4 or 5 times a year. And I drive to my lake house on average every 3rd weekend...60 miles each way.

740 (figuring 32AEV at interstate speed)-long trip
+ 1000 - medium trips
+ 700 - lake house trips
+ 500 - assumed ICE maintenence, and random driving locally that happens to exceed AEV range.
= ~ 3000 miles NEV (non-EV) driving per year Conseratively estimating 50mpg I get
60 Gallons Per Year
At $4/gallon you're still only spending $240/yr on gas.

I need to work this out for a PHEV 20, but the math gets trickier.

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Thanks for that data. I think if people really write down what they do that it will be a eureka moment for them. Oh, and don't forget that $4.00 a gallon is just the start! Put a nice growth on that of at least $.50 a gallon a year. Now take those savings and add the tax credit you will most likely get and then look at how cool the Volt is and well, there you go. See you at the Volt club! ;)
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