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Miles per Kilovolt?

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I am sure the GM-Volt engineers are working hard to maximize the miles per Kilovolt. They will be setting the standard. However for the folks that have built there own electric vehicle, how many miles per Kilovolt do you get? I would hope there would be a little display on the Volt indicating what the current mpk is.

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I just posted a big write-up on electric tariffs for Time of Use. Costs per kWh were mentioned above, so those of you that dont know much about time of use (and time of use with demand), see:
Are you talking about Penn power and light? If so, it appears they do. They call it 'Time of Day'. Their Rider is one of the most complicated and confusing riders I have seen. See this link, then go to PDF page 89. They start defining a lot of the rates there.
cool. Make sure you find out how much it costs per kWh on and off peak for their time of day plan, then what it costs on the time of day plan with demand factor (as well as the demand factor rates for summer and winter). Post them in the general forum thread that I started.
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