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Miles per Kilovolt?

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I am sure the GM-Volt engineers are working hard to maximize the miles per Kilovolt. They will be setting the standard. However for the folks that have built there own electric vehicle, how many miles per Kilovolt do you get? I would hope there would be a little display on the Volt indicating what the current mpk is.

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Not Watt, but Watt*hr, or kWhr - you want to know how far you went for the amount of energy drawn from your charger, not amount of energy actually expended. This is important, because there are losses in charging and discharging, so you want to know how much energy you are pulling from the grid.

The measure would probably end up being all metric, like km/kWhr, which could probably be reduced further, since a Watt is a Newton meter per second.

m divided by (Nm per second times 3600 seconds)
One over 3,600 Nm, or just scaled to (Nm)^-1

Eh, they will probably just keep it km/kWhr.
For economic comparisons, they may invert it to kWhr / km, which people would then just multiply by their electric rate, which is anywhere from 5.08 cents in West Virginia to 20.55 cents in Hawaii.

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