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Miles per Kilovolt?

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I am sure the GM-Volt engineers are working hard to maximize the miles per Kilovolt. They will be setting the standard. However for the folks that have built there own electric vehicle, how many miles per Kilovolt do you get? I would hope there would be a little display on the Volt indicating what the current mpk is.

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Seduced by the Volt

Guess I was seduced by the Volt
Mr Watt Sir

Kilometers? Oh my lets keep it American, oh yes the hours are assumed. We could use all sorts of fancy terminology for energy. I weld with lasers at work so I know a few of the terms.

After dinner I switched the electronic display in the Cadillac to Kilometers per hour whilst everyone was asleep. My wife figured it out when she woke up. If we were really going 110 we would be passing everybody.

Watt Horsepower

Electricity is about 15 cents a kWhr (Kilowatt hour) here. I really do not know what a Volt
You are correct!

Hi Metrology,

You are correct, I live in a small hamlet with a rather dysfunctional government! We have rutted trails and use arcane terms. You should have seen the reaction to the HHR. :)

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