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So I was holding off to get the hatch strut service done until I my tire rotation was due soon. Well I found a slow leak in one of my tires with a shank still in the tire just about outside the edge of the tread area. I was hoping backing it out might self seal it since it was so very slow leaking and/or they could patch it some how without popping for a new tire. The dealer told me they would not try to fix the tire because of what they considered risk. Of course my take was they wanted to sell a tire. They offered a tire with balance and mounting for $120 + tax after some hesitancy and me wanting to deal with the issue on myself and was a reduced price from the original offer of supposedly 25% higher. I popped for the tire thinking and knowing with my luck it would go flat on the way home. They also did the hatch strut service as they already had them in stock without me even asking about it to be ordered and by chance upon appointment scheduling time. The downer is this, once I went to get my car in the lot I ALWAYS check it over and low and behold checked the new tire specifically only to find my RIM scrapped thru the clear coat almost all the way around the edge about 1 inch or so inward from the bead. Now we paid as I recall 600 more as the upgrade option on my 2014. I was not happy to say the least. The service manager came out and took a look and offered to try to "fix the existing rim thru some proces" plus maybe throw out some service credits. Being tired of these kinds of things, I just wanted back what I had, and told him either swap out a rim from another new car or get me a new one. He chose to order a new one. I jokingly said what would happen if a vette owner saw this on their car and expense of it at which time he said this rim probably costs as much. He also talked about the bumpers on the tire changer at which time I suggested they ought to pay more attention to this. I bet a tire changer none volt mechanic as opposed to the volt trained mechanic did the tire change and pays NO attention to the tool and probably does it regularly. Unless someone wants to suggest the vole rims are softer and such and why it happens on them which would be hard to believe sicne many of the cars now have alloy rims in general whether clear coated or painted.
Besides that when I dropped the car off I have a habit because of this forum of reminding the service advisor who checks the car in to remind the mechanic not do certain things because I DO NOT want to hear I am sorry later sir... i.e. don't press the hood. Well its not the mechanic only I have to worry about its the advisor himself as he started to press my hood down to finish closing after I asked him to show me something under the hood (I was just about to remind him DO NOT PRESSS THE HOOD) it at which time he started to push on the hood to finish closing it right in front of my eyes. I reminded him again the issue with dimples and dents doing that. When he did this I told him they need to get up to speed on these things about the volt and other cars in general as more and more cars are using light weight materials that are often softer. Turns out he is a fairly newbee there but seemed energetic to service the customer with a smile. He suggested I always ask for the senior advisor on all future appointments that he thought would be a better fit...I think he was for real trying to ensure we are happy as he compared us volt owners to vette owners....with no offense to vette owners...I think he meant just us being picky about things.
So in all, they replaced the tire at $129 total, I am getting a new rim with of course free remounting and spin (hope they dont scrape that one too), struts were replaced AND they identified the evaporator canister change service that is due which they ordered the part for as well as they will fix my broken hook for the rear cover for free that has to be ordered too. Yes I broke my hook when pulling off the loop on one end.
I have always been skeptical on dealer service and hardly ever go to them but with the Volt its a different animal. In all so far I have to say I am not happy about the rim incident, but happy I did not have to argue with the dealer to make it right besides the other service items done and identified to be done. If they follow through, I will remain positive on this dealer in the hudson valley area.
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