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I'm very sorry to hear of this experience. With so many people new to electric, I want every Volt coming out of the factory flawless for the all-important first impression. Unfortunately, that's not the case here.

The Volt IS a special car. American Ingenuity at its finest--there is no other plug-in (with a gas range-extender) in its class. It took Toyota almost 10 years to even attempt a "real" competitor (and it still has less electric range, performance, and--now--seats).

But it is also special for another reason--it is one of the most complicated vehicles on the planet. It was a design never attempted in a mass production vehicle. It has a DUAL propulsion system (gas and electric) and only a few short years of actual technical expertise where your local mechanic can diagnose the problem with the same ease as the 100s of ICE vehicles he's worked on. I just had a repair on my Volt that my local dealer had only seen THREE times. Now that's both good (as in it doesn't happen often) and bad--it requires the local mechanic to constantly work with GM engineers in Michigan. It's the sometimes frustrating nature of new technology.

So here's hoping that your second impression will be more favorable and that you'll look beyond this initial letdown and soon get that wide electric grin back on your face.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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