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OP.....sorry to hear about this....and glad you did get your car back......I have a Gen 1 Volt and it has been absolutely rock solid (2012 with 47K miles....I hope I didn't just jinx myself) has been hands down the BEST commuter car I have owned to the fact that in winter could sit in your car for whatever amount of time you want and not freeze to death if you don't have the gas engine running as you would an ICE vehicle.....after driving an electric vehicle I will never drive any other type of vehicle as a commuter car.....aside from significantly reducing my use of gas and reducing my carbon footprint (I currently have to use some gas during winters in my Volt due to commute distance....and in my "recreational/summer/play" vehicle) electric car is a MUCH more comfortable and less stressful commuter car IMHO.....I will be going to a Model 3 next and passing the Volt onto my son in a couple of years (wish I could have gotten such a cool car as my first car...he could call himself lucky!!!) made a good choice moving into an electric vehicle and it just sucks that you had to have an issue.....but it happens....hopefully it is fixed and you could put this behind you and enjoy this marvel of technology for what it is.......
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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