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I'm curious if any fellow Marylanders have applied for the excise tax credit that began July 2017, and if so, how long it took you to receive it.

My dealer said they sent the form in to the excise tax refund unit at the MVA, but I have not received an email, or snail mail response stating that it was received. Is that expected?

I'm just curious what others have experienced.

I purchased my 2017 Volt in July 2016 in Rockville, Maryland. The dealer submitted the paperwork and I received my rebate check from the State of Maryland in less than a month. Of course, the Maryland Legislature has to vote to fund the rebate program each fiscal year and the Governor must sign off on the funding bill. Once the funding has been exhausted then there can be no additional rebates paid out during that fiscal year so it is best to get your paperwork in early. I have not been tracking the current status of the rebate funding for 2018.
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