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I live near Chicago. Uber allows (or used to allow) the Volt.

I think I did about 100 rides. Bottom line, it's not worth it. You're simply cashing in the value of your car by depreciating it, and fairly quickly.

At the same time, you're earning about $5 a hour.

Consider the risks involved. For one, the risk of having an accident. Also, your auto insurance company most likely doesn't allow it. If they find out you're driving for $$$$, you're screwed. They'll dump you, immediately. Good luck finding reasonable insurance rates after that. They track everything.

I tried pretty hard to only drive while on battery power, which we all know is about 1/5 the cost of gas, but IMO it's still not worth it.

I have a coworker that lives about 10 miles from Wrigley Field. He has a minivan and picks up fans after the games. He actually can make ok money IF there is a "surge" rate. (A minivan holds more passengers as well, so more $$$).

If you don't mine drunks, you can get paid 2 or 3 times the normal rate when the bars let out, depending on where you live. (Of course there are other events to take advantage of as well) Personally, I can stand drunk [email protected]#$%#s. One guy asked me to "tell him a story". I wanted to pull over right there and kick him out. Most ppl are fine of course, just temporarily short a car, or too many DUIs. Plenty of weirdos too, and I live a nice suburb. Oh by the way, drunk ppl puke.... a LOT. Especially in a moving car. I never had the displeasure, I didn't drive after dark.

Just my opinion.
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