[ad#post_ad]The Chevy Volt is designed to have a sporty feel.  It will cover 0 to 60 in under 9 seconds and can chirp its wheels from a stopped position to to instantaneous torque.

Engineers have found a balance to both achieve 40 miles of gas free driving yet still allow the car to deliver a feeling of power.  It is estimated driving the Volt will as though it has a 250 horsepower engine.

Recently GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz was asked whether GM was moving away from performance cars instead focusing on fuel efficiency.

He responded "as the trend grows for vegetarianism the fruit and vegetable isles will expand but the meat counters won't go away."  He predicts performance cars will exist because there will always be buyers, but they will become electrified.

"I would forecast that certainly there will be a growing trend to high performance hybrids," he said.

When specifically asked if we would one day see a Volt SS he said with a wry smile "I would not discount that possibility."

"That Voltec architecture with the lithium ion battery and the small engine gives us all kinds of possibility on when we run the engine, when we don't run the engine, how hard we run it, how fast we charge the battery and so forth," he said.  "So if we want to sacrifice a little bit of fuel efficiency in the interest of performance and still get over 200 miles per gallon, we can do that any time"

Shortly after this interview the Detroit News reported that anonymous GM sources indicate the Cadillac Converj has been greenlighted for production. In fact Lutz' wry smile in the video may be due to that fact.

An official announcement is likely coming soon.

The Converj will offer increased performance out of the same battery pack with some limitation in range. Lutz once said the car would cost the same as two Volts, or about $80,000.

The source also said it could be a few years for the Converj to make it to showrooms. I would also expect a name change in this case.

Source ( Fox )

and ( Detroit News )

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