A new interview with Bob Lutz taking place yesterday has been published in the Seattle Times. The article outlines GMs plans for the Chevy Volt as well as electric cars in general and contains some interesting comments from GMs vice-chairman and product czar.

Lutz indicated his enthusiasm for electric cars saying "we believe profoundly in the electrification of the automobile," and he voted for his favorite source of energy to charge those cars saying, "the only real option is nuclear energy."

He took his customary jab at the Japanese automakers vowing "for the first time, our well-thought-of Asian competitors will be left in the dust."

Finally he let the cat out of the bag. We have been wondering and speculating about what the Volt might cost. Although GM hasn't made the expected MRSP public Lutz seemed to acknowledge what GM's breakeven price for it will be.

Although he is not directly quoted, the source article contains the following quote:

"Lutz said the first-generation Volt will retail for about $40,000 and generate no profit for GM. The company hopes to make money as it rolls out later versions of the vehicle and other plug-in models."

Source ( Seattle Times )