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I improvised and used an old blood pressure cuff to make a lumbar support. The pics are pretty much self-explanatory, but here's a summary.

Get a cuff. New will probably last longer but I'm cheap so I found a few at our local Goodwill Outlet where stuff is sold by the pound. I got two, one for each of the front seats.

Remove the bladder from the "arm-band" part.

Check for leaks. My experience is that most of them will leak down over time but they will typically hold reasonable pressure overnight, plenty of time for me.

Cut the tube going to the gauge and improvise a plug. I used a shortened nail with some shoe-goo that was handy.

Slide the seat forward and tilt the back as far back as it will go.

Separate the "clamps" that hold the cover on. Not sure how to explain this one, maybe I should get into doing videos.

Insert the bladder. My first pic below shows about where I placed mine (inside the cover, of course). I'd prefer it be a bit higher but it feels like the cover is stitched or glued to the seat foam so that's as far as I could push it up.

Route the hose with the pump-bulb out the side. I chose to place it on the console side so it can rest comfortably between the seat-back and the seat-belt clicky thingy.

Before you reconnect the seat clamps, put the seat-back to your preferred position and test it by pumping the cuff up. Don't forget to close the little screw valve on the bulb assembly. You might find you want to reposition the bladder.

Don't forget to reconnect the seat cover clamps.

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I love your writeup. Nicely done. Thanks for posting. A pic of the seat "clamps" would help the narrative.

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Nice idea to use a blood pressure cuff. I use an inflatable (same type) small kidney shaped bladder from fancy zero-gravity chair. I have also tried some inflatable lumbar supports that you can find on Amazon. However, I put it in the map pocket behind the seat. It can then be positioned exactly where you want it. It does stretch out the map pocket, so I try to let the air out every day. I have not yet tried to go into the seat itself, but may do that based on your picture. I hear the the 2019 Volt will have an electric seat, including lumbar. When it comes out, I will take a look and may see about swapping it in if I decide to keep the car after lease.
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