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lug nut torque

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ANyone know the gen 2 recommended torque for lug nuts? Can't find it in the manual.
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Quoting for truth. Was trying to figure out how to do the all-window roll down thing to impress a coworker, but couldn't figure out how (thought it was a lock followed by a double tap of the remote start, WRONG). Searching the PDF manual on my phone surprised my coworker who never thought to keep the manual on their phone. I do this with almost all major appliances so when I need to lookup a part while at Home Depot or something, I know the appliance model number.
Press and hold unlock.
So it's the same as the Gen 1 (and most cars w/aluminum rims).

And as always I STRONGLY recommend using an actual 1/2" torque wrench (and a deep dish socket) for any Aluminum rims, don't "guess-by-feel" because the price you'd pay for a mistake is a lot more than the $40ish for a decent wrench.
Another option is to get a used CTS wrench (i know it's the right size for the G1, not sure about g2). I found that GM made the wrench just long enough that when you cannot tighten any more, it is about the right torque. I've checked it with a torque wrench and it works.

I too hate places that impact wrench everything. Every time I have warped brake rotors, it can be linked to someone messing with my wheels with an impact wrench. That's why I avoid letting the dealerships and tire shops rotate my tires. In fact I stopped rotating my tires altogether.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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