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lug nut torque

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ANyone know the gen 2 recommended torque for lug nuts? Can't find it in the manual.
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Check that all wheel nuts are properly tightened. See “Wheel Nut Torque” under Capacities and Specifications p.330
on p.330
Wheel Nut Torque 140n.m or 100 lb ft
So it's the same as the Gen 1 (and most cars w/aluminum rims).

And as always I STRONGLY recommend using an actual 1/2" torque wrench (and a deep dish socket) for any Aluminum rims, don't "guess-by-feel" because the price you'd pay for a mistake is a lot more than the $40ish for a decent wrench.
Huh, didn't know this was caused by over-torquing. TIL, I was shafted possibly by oil change shops on my old ICE when I had my rotors refinished TWICE over 10 years--the lube shops probably over-torqued my wheels during their "complementary" tire rotation.
Yes, Many vehicles (especially Jeeps, believe me I know this fact well) are famous for warped rotors from over torqued lug nuts, or ones torqued in a circle, not a star pattern.

When I urge people to check with a torque wrench it's not just to see if they are tight enough, you really should -loosen- each one a bit and then re-torque them to the proper specs.

see this page for more details
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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