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lug nut torque

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ANyone know the gen 2 recommended torque for lug nuts? Can't find it in the manual.
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Finally my lug nuts caps are cracking,victims from overtorquing when i bought new tires...In any case I got solid chrome nuts from Amazon, Volt compatible...The eternal question lubricate threads or not ?. Since wheel is aluminum to different metals will have unwanted galvanic exchange... will happen more or less, and in the event of changing the tire at road side will be a pain to have frozen lug syndrome,,,so i feel small antiseize lubrication will be ok,,,but the famous TORQUE,will have to be less then the dry 100 ft.lbs,,,How much less? THat is the eternal question for the experts... [QUOT E=daves2015volt;3726705]Can confirm 100 ft. lbs. All my other cars have been 80 ft. lbs, but GM typical standard is 100. Hope that helps![/QUOTE]
Thank you for your fast and expert opinion ,always helpful and to the point, all the best for 2017 .
Never, ever lubricate the lug nut bolt or nut threads. This will lead to over-torquing and there is no need for it. I rotate my own wheels every 7500 miles and have never had an issue removing the lug nuts. If you try to under-torque, you basically are guessing.

I have had the aluminum wheels seize to the steel hubs due to galvanic action, but never the lug nuts. So use the anti-seize (very lightly) where the back of the wheel mates to the steel hub, but not the lug nuts.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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