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Lucid tests prototype at 217MPH - Video

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Car is expected to be a competitor to Tesla and will net out just over $50k once rebates are factored in.
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You can voice any opinion you want. But all you do is be negative. And not for any particularly good reason. If you have an argument to make, make it but state some facts along with it. Not simply whining.

Regardless of whether Lucid or Faraday or Tesla are successful or not, their existence pushes other car makers to get off their arses and make better cars. Where would we be right now if Tesla didn't exist?
EVs were inevitable. While Tesla may have pushed out there first, even if they didn't exist, someone else would have gotten there eventually. So, we'd be a little behind where we are now, maybe a year or so.

I'm pretty sure Faraday is close to being done. They only announced a week ago that the owner's, LeECO, deal to buy Vizio TV for $2B is off. And, there are large layoffs at their US subsidiaries. Only a matter of time for news about a work standstill at Faraday or a key engineer leaving.
Holding close to 1 g around those corners is very nice. It doesn't seem to have much in the way of down force.

They added a front splitter and a big wing on the back for the high-speed runs.
It will never take the top speed of a special EV: the four Lunar Rovers (made by GM), which traveled at over 22,000 MPH on the way to the Moon during the Apollo project. Seriously, who will buy a BEV just for the speed? Only a racer, not the average laypersons.
Who buys any road car "just for the speed"? No one, they buy cars for a lot of reasons, the potential for speed may be one of them. It's really little different than Elon always promoting some new "ludicrous mode" easter egg.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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