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Lucid tests prototype at 217MPH - Video

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Car is expected to be a competitor to Tesla and will net out just over $50k once rebates are factored in.
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Everyone said Tesla would fail by now. While they haven't "made" money, they are still around. Their support structure is getting there, but still has a lot of work in that regard. (especially the availability of parts).

Hopefully Lucid succeeds where some others have failed. It takes a lot of coin to get a car company off the ground and have a nationwide support network. Waiting for the AWD/4WD Suv/Truck EV Variant to come out en masse and affordable. (over $100k just isn't affordable for most people, me included). We have "sports cars" and passenger cars now... that is the missing segment, which I might add is the "fatest" segement in the US as to what people want to drive.

Until Tesla came along, no one took EVs seriously outside of a small percentage of the population. (enthusiasts)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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