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Lucid tests prototype at 217MPH - Video

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Car is expected to be a competitor to Tesla and will net out just over $50k once rebates are factored in.
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Lucid and Faraday are both pipe-dreams. Tesla can't make any money so how can these two. They each have no factory or any support structure for the cars they sell. If you think Tesla has issues, wait til these 2 try and produce a "production car". They will be lucky to even match Fisker which was the first car "producer' that couldn't support the products they sold. In case no one noticed, there are too many car companies now. These 2 companies are just looking for money from anyone- neither one has any technology that isn't already out there already.
What's with your constant negative attitude? Where do you expect these companies to start from? How do you expect competition and new technology to be born?

Why don't we go back the horse drawn carriage while we are at it since everything is doom and gloom.
It will never take the top speed of a special EV: the four Lunar Rovers (made by GM), which traveled at over 22,000 MPH on the way to the Moon during the Apollo project. Seriously, who will buy a BEV just for the speed? Only a racer, not the average laypersons.
It's proof of concept. It's meant to be a demonstrator. Why shouldn't EV's show of their performance and abilities just like any other car? If they don't, they'll never be recognized for much beyond being big golf carts.
Sorry for pissing you off. I thought you could voice opinions on this forum. I will stay out of future discussions
You can voice any opinion you want. But all you do is be negative. And not for any particularly good reason. If you have an argument to make, make it but state some facts along with it. Not simply whining.

Regardless of whether Lucid or Faraday or Tesla are successful or not, their existence pushes other car makers to get off their arses and make better cars. Where would we be right now if Tesla didn't exist?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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