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LUCID AIR the competition getting hotter

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I just googled this new total electric car,,,i have not seen or driven one... has anyone in the forum ?...I observed the outside rear mirror is very thin, half the diameter of the VOLT,,,,probably not much noise or resistance, in my 2014 Volt I noticed 1/2 of the mirror shows cars and the highway, but the other upper half just sky or trees...wonder why GM did not thin out the mirror, it would have cut the noise...talking about noise the LUCID AIR has active noise cancellation for the tires!!!...the base price is $55,000 not bad for such a beauty...No doubt electric cars are getting hot in California.
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I'd like to see somebody, anybody, make a 2 door sports car like an i8 or NSX, but all electric, but for a Corvette $50-60k price. The ELR is close. Strangely enough, I'm about to become an empty nester (high schooler is headed to a boarding school very close to where forum member Mister Dave lives, so this is coming 3 years earlier than planned) I'm ready for my midlife crisis vehicle. The Tesla Roadster, although nice looking, needs a makeover. Why Tesla hasn't taken the model S platform and made it into a 2 door like Cadillac did with the CTS is beyond me. The dashboard, interior seats, and drivetrain can be identical.
Once again we are in similar boats! ...I've been looking and Musk has tweeted that two - three years or so from now we can look for an updated roadster He says it will be slightly bigger. I'm avoiding Gen 1 for other reasons...look up Tesla roadster brick. they actually need an entire new battery if the battery gets fully depleted.
Yeah, but I want this next year. Not 2 or 3 years from now.
Me too, at This point I'm hoping that a model three with a full glass roof will do it for me, but frankly the Gen 2 Volt is peppy enough for that is an option for me.
I had a reservation for a model 3, and decided to get a refund as I think I need something bigger. A model S might still be in the cards, but with all the new luxury cars coming (jaguar iPace, Volvo V60 OHEV, Faraday Future F90, Lucid Motors, and even Porsche) it's going to start getting crowded in the luxury electric vehicle segment.
Geez man, not even the right company, you're thinking of Faraday Future...
And for either car, they need to release in 2018 or become irrelevant. New EVs seem to be arriving at a glacial pace. I want it, and I want it now.
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