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LUCID AIR the competition getting hotter

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I just googled this new total electric car,,,i have not seen or driven one... has anyone in the forum ?...I observed the outside rear mirror is very thin, half the diameter of the VOLT,,,,probably not much noise or resistance, in my 2014 Volt I noticed 1/2 of the mirror shows cars and the highway, but the other upper half just sky or trees...wonder why GM did not thin out the mirror, it would have cut the noise...talking about noise the LUCID AIR has active noise cancellation for the tires!!!...the base price is $55,000 not bad for such a beauty...No doubt electric cars are getting hot in California.
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I have not seen or driven one... has anyone in the forum.
Did you notice that the car won't go into production 'til 2018 (MY or calendar ?)? Price I've seen is $60K before tax credit; kinda rich for my blood, but the question is why the big manufacturers never produce the really exotic looking bodies. Concept cars are often beautiful and then they opt for a much more mundane look on the production vehicle. I realize that some stampings might be more difficult than others, but an extra $5K in selling price should make it doable -- cover extra finishing work or material costs. Fisker, Lucid, and Faraday Future seem to recognize what excites people . . . GM, not so much.
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