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Low propulsion error & lights stay on

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Hello, I'm considering purchasing a 2017 Volt Premier for an excellent price. It currently has about 92,000 miles on it. Current owner said when it was running on gas it died on him once and threw up a low propulsion error and showed low fuel even though there was plenty of fuel in the car. He had it towed to the Chevy dealership where they replaced the 12V battery. Recently it happened again and again the dealership replaced the 12V battery. He also said that the lights stayed on when it died. When running on battery he says it runs just fine. When charging it does fully charge without any issues.

Has anyone experienced this problem or know what maybe the cause? Seeing a lot of posts with the BECM (battery energy control module). My worry is that the waranty on the drive system is good for 10 years or 100,000 miles and it's close to reaching that end of warranty. Looking for advice on this and if it can potentially be a major issue. The car is a 4 hour drive from me in Florida and I don't want to get stuck halfway home.

I had a 2014 Volt and have another 2017 Volt and absolutley love them. But I don't want to buy this 2017 Volt and end up with it dead on the side of the road or having to spend a ton in repair costs.
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