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Lost all of my FOB keys, what to do now?

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I lost both of my FOB keys to my 2017 Volt, what to do to get a replacement? Can't drive my car. I think I dropped my last FOB key when I jogged for miles. Tried looking for it by retracing my path, couldn't find it, there were too many people, so someone could have picked it up.

Will I have to tow the car to the dealer for reprogramming for a replacement or shall I just bring my documents and they can do the reprogramming on the key? I can open the car with an app but no option to start it. Only precondition, lock and unlock, alarm... No remote start.
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Call ONSTAR 888-4667827, they will open it for you !!!.
Not sure if they can start the car for you. If you have the onstar app you can remote start the car for preconditioning, but I don't think you can get the car started to drive it away with either Onstar or the Onstar app. Maybe I'm wrong.
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