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Lost all of my FOB keys, what to do now?

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I lost both of my FOB keys to my 2017 Volt, what to do to get a replacement? Can't drive my car. I think I dropped my last FOB key when I jogged for miles. Tried looking for it by retracing my path, couldn't find it, there were too many people, so someone could have picked it up.

Will I have to tow the car to the dealer for reprogramming for a replacement or shall I just bring my documents and they can do the reprogramming on the key? I can open the car with an app but no option to start it. Only precondition, lock and unlock, alarm... No remote start.
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That is right. Remote starting via the app or OnStar will not let you drive the car. Remote starting with the key fob will not let you drive the car either, but if you had the key, obviously you would not be trying to drive it via a remote start.
Where did you lose the first keyfob? In my experience, when I lose things like that, they almost always turn up later, usually in the pocket of something that I forgot I wore.
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My wife and I went jogging/brisk walking last night. I usually put my phone in one pocket and the keys and FOB in another pocket. My wife then asked me to carry her phone, which I put in my pocket along with the keys and FOB as I keep my phone in another pocket. From time to time she asked me to pull out her phone to read out her fit app (bluetoothed to her watch) and then I put back her phone in my pocket. In one of those events, I may have pulled out the phone and along with FOB key that I didn't notice as it dropped as we were briskly walking or jogging. I tried retracing back and forth along the path but could not find the FOB key. It is a busy pathwalk, so somebody may have picked it up.
Right. We know you lost one jogging and looked for it and couldn't find it. I was asking about the *other* key fob. Maybe if you thought about it again and tried to figure out where that one is, you could solve your problem without a trip to the dealer, etc.
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