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Lost all of my FOB keys, what to do now?

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I lost both of my FOB keys to my 2017 Volt, what to do to get a replacement? Can't drive my car. I think I dropped my last FOB key when I jogged for miles. Tried looking for it by retracing my path, couldn't find it, there were too many people, so someone could have picked it up.

Will I have to tow the car to the dealer for reprogramming for a replacement or shall I just bring my documents and they can do the reprogramming on the key? I can open the car with an app but no option to start it. Only precondition, lock and unlock, alarm... No remote start.
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too late for that now, maybe the next one.
That's the idea...if you've lost them can do it again...
Locking the barn after the horse is gone is not help. I imagine he is already pissed enough at losing the fobs so telling him he screwed the pooch isn't going to change anything.
Maybe this is his job...:rolleyes:
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