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Hey guys! been creepin on here for a long time and decided to register and finally post.

I am looking into buying a used volt. My budget is 15K and would prefer not to go over at all.

I have been looking for a few months now online and it seems occasionally a few interesting offers pop up.
I found a 2013 red/ black-tan interior with the safety package 2 option. Ideally, I wanted black/ black/tan but they don't seem to exist. In any case the red kinda looks great too along with that electric blue but that is beside the point since I'm ranting on personal taste. so back to the volt in question

2013 fully loaded for 13,342 but it has 45K miles. (2 hours away from my location)

1) do you find that to be overpriced considering its about to be 2017?
2) how many miles is too many miles in your personal opinion if you were in my shoes?
3) is there a chance it could need new brakes anytime soon?
4) any way to figure if it has more miles on the engine than the battery?
5) pretend you were me, what would be the first things you would look for when going to see this thing.

i have not quite figured out the payment yet... but i do have a car i plan on selling independently and was also thinking of covering most of the cost in cash up front ( perhaps be left with a few grand to pay over the course of the next year or two through a credit union)

I know there are a lot of topics and questions in this one post but i hope you guys can steer me into somewhat of a clearer direction.

PS i have found cheaper newer options without the niceties and options but i promised myself the point of getting rid of the old car (2006 Passat) was to upgrade somewhat into something nicer...even if its not a new volt.

thanks for your help in advance
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