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Hey guys I am new to the forum. I currently own a 2013 Chevy Equinox AWD with the 4 cylinder engine I drive 200 miles a day for work and I would like to get more than 30 MPG. I am looking into trading it in for a Volt as my local dealer has a brand new Premier for $30000 I think this is a pretty screaming deal as the MSRP is $38000 but I can get it for $36000 with GM employee discount then they offered to lower the price $2000 and give me $4000 in rebates. My main concern is what can I expect for insurance rates, I am only 18 years old so I was looking for rates from younger Volt owners if possible. I am also wondering how comfortable the Premier Volt seats are on long drives as my current Equinox is fine around the city but as I recently found out the seats are very hard and uncomfortable for a commute. Lastly is there anything you don't like about your Volts?

Thanks for your time!
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