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Hey all,

I've been watching this forum for a little more than 2 years, haven't posted much, but the time has come to find a good dealer/service center in Central Ohio (Columbus area).

I've had my 2013 for about 2 years. Got it at around 82K miles and just recently started to have battery capacity problems. The car's got just short of 99K on it now. I had a friend pull the check engine codes for me, and it's throwing the following codes:

  • P0CD2 (Charge port door unlock)
  • P1E00 (Hybrid Powertrain control module #2)
  • P0ACB (Hybrid battery temp sensor #3)
The charge port door has always had trouble opening when it's cold outside. I just push on the hinge side while pushing the button - an annoyance, but I can live with it.

The concern is the battery and the dwindling amount of time I have to get it fixed under warranty. I live just a few miles out of town, so there's about 2 miles of 55-60mph driving, then in-town driving. Since I work from home, I don't have a normal commute, and usually don't put many freeway miles on it.

The first year I had the car, I'd regularly get about 36-38 miles on a full charge in the summer, and mid to high 20s when it was cold.

That started dropping late this summer. I'd be hard pressed to get 32-34 miles on a charge, even at 70-80 degree temps.

A couple of weeks ago, it got down in the low-mid 20s. When it's cold, I use comfort mode until the air warms up, then drop into ECO mode. Lately, when it's really cold, I put the car in Hold mode for a couple of miles and run the heater under Comfort, then back to Normal and ECO. That seems to work out well.

Anyway, the car's been kicking over into gasoline mode after using about 9.5 kWh lately (it used to use about 10.3 or so before). Also, the range has dropped considerably - on November 28, it was in the upper 20s here. I got a whopping 13.9 miles out of 9.6 kWh. It looks like I need to pull the trigger and get this thing fixed before it costs me an arm and a leg.

Any suggestions on service or if I'm doing something wrong will be greatly appreciated...


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