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Look at the no questions asked Scrap value for a 2014!

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Been looking at Trading in my 2014 with 70,000 miles in great one owner condition. Dealers only offering $9,000 trade in my Zip code. Based on this quote today I no longer fear a future bricked car due to a bad battery 2 years from now. The business case is crystal clear based on its scrape value of $3,500 :KEEP

This is truly great news to me because at 9k trade value now, say 7k trade in value in 2 years knowing I can recover $3,500 or so even if it bricks minimizes the financial risk to keep, and this was the first quote. These hold value even as junk!

Just answered a few questions to get scrap value
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I am of the opinion that your Volt's scrap value to "Peddle" is nearly directly based on my Volt's value to me.
If I like mine, and want to keep it on the road, I'm going to need replacements as items deteriorate. Your "scrap" car is as likely to be sold part by part as it is to be processed back into elements.
Were everyone of of us to scrap our gen1 Volts, that used part market value would drop, as would a future 'peddle' offer.

The first car to be scrapped has more value (less supply) than the very last car (no further demand).
PowerNationTV(dot)com, June 9, 2020: "Well, it didn’t take long. The first 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has been spotted at a salvage auction. The car is listed on Copart which is valuing the Corvette at $107,699. That’s around twice the asking price of a new base model."
True. Based on yesterdays visits to dealers and my desire to no longer have strangers come to my home to test drive a car I want to sell, the maximum dealer offer for my nearly excellent condition 20114 with 70K miles Was a measly 9K.

This tells me to keep it a couple more years until the risk of battery failure is at the right hand side of the bathtub curve. So yes, scrap value could be less in two years but perhaps more. Best scenario is the car is fine and I can sell or trade it for 7K, worst case it bricks and I lose a few K for my decision to keep it.

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The trick is knowing when that is. Right now, we don't know what those odds are for the unanalyzed fleet. We can only make a good guess only for individual vehicles based on recurrent measurements from cell group voltages at full discharge. Which basically leaves every owner responsible for their own.
Agree. So when I tested my 70K mile 2014 a couple weeks ago I started out with all Cells equally charged at
4.02 V.
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After driving it like a teenager with a rental for an hour it switched over to ICE with 35 miles and 9kWh used.

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So when as fully discharged as I could do the cells were all with one hundredth of a volt

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So I think the risk is very low at this point, but I’m going to start paying attention to this baby and protect what seems to still be a very healthy battery.
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