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I'm not sure what an HV battery "core" is actually worth to those who refurbish them, but I see 2kWh (24v) sections offered for a couple hundred dollars on the solar/energy forums all the time which suggests that a 16kWh can be parted out broken down for well over $1k. I paid $1600 (+shipping) for mine a few years ago and feel like I got that much value back from the (not yet nearly dead) subpacks I kept when I swapped in.

From the numbers I see here for unobtanium parts (I just shipped the HV relay from MY old battery pack to another member here because GM only swaps the entire $800 unit which is deeply back ordered) it seems like there is still a good demand for many parts as long as one is willing to do the pulling/shipping.

On the other hand, a local Volt owner had a salvaged 2013 that I tried getting some parts from and the parts I needed (2011) were not a perfect fit and he seemed to struggle to unload more than the battery and some other HV components from it. Maybe he wasn't willing to ship?

I still monitor the Gen1 Insight forum which was my last daily driver and there is still a brisk business in keeping them on the road by enthusiasts. They are (in most ways) easier to DIY mod/work on (IMO) than a Volt but are nominally 10 years older. Probably more were made originally by an order of magnitude?
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