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Longest/Largest object moved in the My Volt

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Hello Moved a couch last week and drove this 10 miles. There are lots of places in the volt to cinch ties downs too.

I checked to see if it was illegal and in most or many states it is not as long as load is stable. Some states have a 2/3 rule. Measure length form wheel to wheel and X by 2/3. That is the max that can stick out in some states. I did not readily find the florida law.

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Couch sticking out the back. Definitely not the right vehicle for the job, but I have a Suburban for when I need that kind of cargo.

I have loaded up my volt with 17 40 pound bags of dog food, 3 bags of crabgrass preventer, and 5 bags of grass seed. There was a clearance sale at our local Shopko. But that was only a 4 mile trip.

We also had 3 passengers plus 2 full sized IKEA shelves wedged on the center console between the front and back seats, and dread seat folded down with the rest of the cargo area filled to the top on two occasions, one for a trip to St Louis (130 miles there, and another 130 back) and the next weekend to Chicagoland (120 miles there and 120 miles back). We had to go to both places because neither had everything we eneded (and we didn't have the space anyway).

This reminds me of the time I was in front of our hardware store and a guy had a geo metro hatchback loaded up with 20 foot PVC hanging out the back, rear shocks and springs completely compressed, and the front end looked like it was about to pop a wheelie. That definitely wasn't the right vehicle for the job. People do crazy things with their cars. Be careful out there
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