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Longest/Largest object moved in the My Volt

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Hello Moved a couch last week and drove this 10 miles. There are lots of places in the volt to cinch ties downs too.

I checked to see if it was illegal and in most or many states it is not as long as load is stable. Some states have a 2/3 rule. Measure length form wheel to wheel and X by 2/3. That is the max that can stick out in some states. I did not readily find the florida law.

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In FL non commercially you can tow whatever you want, if it stick out more than 4 feet you have to flag it and use lights at night. Only other requirement is it has to be stable and you have to be able to stop.
TKS I googled it but did not find anything about FL
all traffic laws are here, basically you have to have the load secured, be able to stop and flagged if longer than 4 feet if non commercial.>2012->Chapter 316


316.515 covers commercial vehicles.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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