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Long live the Volt

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I find it incredible that Chevrolet is considering replacing the Volt with a “crossover.” After designing such a great looking, fun to drive and technically advanced automobile, how can they consider throwing in the towel after such a short production run. GM complains they are not selling enough. Why don’t they advertise this vehicle. I would not have known the Volt even existed had not a friend let me drive his. After 20-minutes I was sold and bought one the following week. I had not owned a GM product in over 40-years and I was amazed at what GM had done with this vehicle. In over 3,000 miles, I have only used four gallons of gas. This is a perfect vehicle for my needs and I think there are a lot more people who would feel the same way if only they knew about the Volt. Wake up Chevrolet and smell the roses!
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how can they consider throwing in the towel
Who said they are throwing in the towel? Instead, they are talking about giving what most people want: a crossover using the Volt technology.

If you look at sales figures, sedans are an endangered species. Every year less are sold. Guess what people are buying instead? SUV's and CUV's.

DETROIT—General Motors is the latest car company to unveil plans for an emissions-free future. On Monday morning, the US' largest automaker announced that the next 18 months will see two new electric vehicles join the Bolt EV in showrooms, and 18 more are due by 2023. "GM believes in an all-electric future and a world free of automotive emissions," said Mark Reuss, GM's executive VP for product development, purchasing, and supply chain. "When the Bolt EV was announced at CES it was described as a platform, and this is the next step."
The announcement took place at GM's Design Dome. There were a number of cars hidden by dust sheets. We were given a sneak peek at three of these—a conventional-looking midsize crossover and two more futuristic vehicles.
I can look at sheets!

But is it good sheet or bad sheet?
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