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Long live the Volt

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I find it incredible that Chevrolet is considering replacing the Volt with a “crossover.” After designing such a great looking, fun to drive and technically advanced automobile, how can they consider throwing in the towel after such a short production run. GM complains they are not selling enough. Why don’t they advertise this vehicle. I would not have known the Volt even existed had not a friend let me drive his. After 20-minutes I was sold and bought one the following week. I had not owned a GM product in over 40-years and I was amazed at what GM had done with this vehicle. In over 3,000 miles, I have only used four gallons of gas. This is a perfect vehicle for my needs and I think there are a lot more people who would feel the same way if only they knew about the Volt. Wake up Chevrolet and smell the roses!
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I for one can't wait.
Sounds good to me too. I'll have to wait until something materializes though. This is worse than car porn. At least with car porn I have something to look at.

Oh, wait....

I can look at sheets!
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But is it good sheet or bad sheet?
Looks like sheet, smells like sheet, tastes like...... er...... Nevermind that - it IS sheet.
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